Private, predictable, automated connectivity

On-demand, private, predictable, secure connectivity anywhere and any time.

Console Connect by PCCW Global is a Software-Defined Interconnection® platform that makes connecting to cloud-based, business-critical applications simple, predictable and secure.

What makes Console Connect different?

Console Connect by PCCW Global combines:

Tier 1 global IP network

PCCW Global’s extensive Tier 1 global IP network and a unique ecosystem of XaaS providers and business-critical partners

Automation software

Connect in seconds with Console Connect’s simple-to-use yet sophisticated network automation software

Networking community

Powerful social platform for knowledge sharing, troubleshooting and growing your network and business

Simple to connect

Console Connect’s automated provisioning and routing is simple and easy to use. You don’t even need an ASN. We’ve extracted the complexity of configuration so you can focus on your core business.  Get started with just one port and one cross-connect. Once you’re setup, connect to your business-critical applications and cloud partners with a click of a button.

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Complete control

Console Connect gives you the tools you need to manage multiple secure direct connections from your ports. Easily monitor connection performance. View bandwidth allocation and utilization. Dial bandwidth up and down as needed. You are in control!

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Networking community

A community by network engineers for network engineers, designed for knowledge sharing, troubleshooting and growing your network. Console provides you with a stream of posts, articles and events created by your peers in the networking community. Connect and collaborate in real time with chat and messaging.

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Connect your way

Connect enterprise data centers, headquarters to regional centers and branch offices. Leverage the social community to interconnect with business partners and supply chain. Get private access to public clouds, such as AWS, and other available IaaS Providers. Privately connect to apps and services such as video conferencing, unified communications and service desks.

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Two free ports/plans for a limited time only.


Available on desktop and mobile